RCHA's "Repairing the Past" Seminar Series 

directed by Jochen Hellbeck (History, Rutgers)  and Kristin O'Brassill-Kulfan (History, Rutgers)

Unless otherwise indicated, all meetings will be held on Tuesdays from 11--1:00pm via in person and virtually

For pre-circulated readings, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Spring 2023 Seminar Schedule


January 24 - Arlene Stein, "Forgetting Fascisms: Collective Amnesia and the Production of American Exceptionalism”

January 31 - Iiulia Skubytska, “Security Threat or Survival Mechanism: Eastern Ukrainians' Memories of the Soviet Past at the Time of War”

February 7 - - Alison Hight, “‘Home Rule’ as a Reparative Discourse in British Politics”

February 14 - Aries Li, “Repairing the Past: Chinese Grassroots Memory Actors and the Restoration and Expansion of the Cemetery for Aviation Martyrs in Nanjing”

February 21 -  Paul Mercandetti, "Commemorating the Fiery Villages: The Khatyn Memorial Complex"

February 28 - Viola Lasmana, "Shadow Archives: Indonesian Women's Collectives and Ethics of Collaboration"

March 7 - Leslie Alexander, "“How We Got Here:” Slavery and the Making of the Modern Police State"

Spring Break

March 21 - Joint Seminar with Rutgers High School Teachers Institute

March 24 - Special Seminar with Susan Neiman, 11am-1pm

March 28 - Daria Khlevnyuk, "Russian ‘old left,’ the lobal rise of illiberal memory, and conspiratorial narratives online"

April 4 - Halide Velioglu, "Repair in Post-war Sarajevo"

April 11 - Anna Richey, "Contesting Geographies of Rape: Radical Feminist Activism on College Campuses"

April 18 - Mariia Gulakova, "Addressing Pogrom Violence in the Public Sphere: Jews in the First Russian Parliament, 1906"

April 25 - double session

- 11am: Catalina Muñoz Rojas, "Remaking History for Building Just Futures: Public History and Transitional Justice in Colombia"

- 1pm: Michael Jirik, “Black thought in slavery's colleges”