Semester Schedule

Spring 2021 Seminar Schedule

RCHA's "Life & Death" Seminar Series 

directed by Kim Mutcherson (Co-Dean and Professor of Law, Rutgers Law School)  and Johanna Schoen (History, Rutgers)

Unless otherwise indicated, all meetings held 11--1:00pm

For pre-circulated readings, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



 26- "The Transtheoretical Model of Seemingly Innocuous  Biomedical Exuberance (TRIBE): How the Social and Moral Emotions Fuel the Medicalization of End-of-Life Care in the United States."  Paul Duberstein (Rutgers School of Public Health, RCHA Faculty Fellow)


2-“Refining and Piloting a Peer-to-Peer Intervention to Enhance Engagement in and Knowledge of Palliative Care and Advanced Care Planning in Underserved, Community-Dwelling Older Adults”  Elissa Kozlov  (Public Health, RCHA Faculty Fellow)

9- "The Living Dead, Making Death as Cadaveric Decomposition Postmortem Examinations and the Violence of the War in Colombia" Julia Alejandra Morales Fontanilla (RCHA Postdoc)

16- “Manufacturing Threats to Humanity: Global Catastrophic Risk Classification by Influential Third Sector Organizations” Aaron Martin (Sociology, RCHA Graduate Fellow)

23- “We Are as Proud of Our Gayness as We Are of Our Blackness”: Gay Men of African Descent and the Social & Political Mobilization of Black Gay Men the 1980s and 1990s." Jeffery Berryhill (History, RCHA Graduate Fellow)


2-  "Calculating Killers: Quantitative and Qualitative Assessments of Black and White Juvenile Crime in the Era of Columbine" Joanna Federico (History, RCHA Graduate Fellow)

9- “Moscow Strikes Back: Compiling the Record of German Atrocities in the Wartime Soviet Union”  Jochen Hellbeck (Professor of History, RCHA Faculty Fellow)

23- “Haiti will be a Land of Honor, Peace, and Contentment”: Gendered Violence and Modern Torture in Haitian Occupied Novels Shanna Jean Baptiste (RCHA Postdoc)

30- "Climate and the Currents of Empire" Elaine LaFay (History, RCHA Faculty Fellow)


6-  “Death in the Time of Cholera: Pandemics, Public Health, and Burial in 19th-century Havana.”  Bethany Wade (RCHA Postdoc)

13- "Responsibility and Restriction: Studying Counterterrorism Policy Through the Lens of the Just War Tradition" Jayme Schlesinger (Political Science, RCHA Graduate Fellow)

20- "Ecologies of Wounds and Wounding" Omar Al-Dewachi (Associate Professor of Medical Anthropology, RCHA Faculty Fellow)

27- "Whose Life [Will It Be] Anyway?" Trip McCrossin (Philosophy, RCHA Faculty Fellow)


4- "Counseling Women who are Pregnant after Terminating a Pregnancy for Fetal Anomaly (TOPFA): The RAINBO Model"  Erica Goldblatt-Hyatt (Assistant Director of DSW Program, School of Social Work, RCHA Faculty Fellow)