Willie the Silent Statue - CloseupThe Rutgers Center for Historical Analysis (RCHA) was founded in 1988 by the Rutgers Department of History as a center dedicated to interdisciplinary research, teaching and outreach. The RCHA organizes its activities around a series of two-year projects led by Rutgers faculty that explore issues of broad contemporary relevance in historical perspective. Each year, the Center welcomes several visiting senior and postdoctoral fellows, who join Rutgers faculty and graduate students in weekly seminar discussions and annual conferences around the project theme. In addition to its theme-driven projects, the Center also hosts an ongoing seminar and lecture series in Black Atlantic History.

From its inception, the RCHA has supplemented its work as an advanced research institute with outreach programs in teaching and service. Since 1988, the Center has sponsored the Institute for High School Teachers, a collaboration between New Jersey's secondary school teachers and Rutgers faculty, that brings High School teachers to campus to discuss new scholarship, new source materials and new pedagogical techniques in a variety of historical fields.