Founded in 1988 as a part of the Rutgers Center for Historical Analysis’ outreach program, the Institute for High School Teachers represents a collaboration between New Jersey's secondary teachers and the faculty of Rutgers University. It is one of the Rutgers’s oldest and largest outreach programs for public and private school teachers. Each year we offer a series of new and varied seminars focusing on classroom usable topics in the social sciences and humanities.

Participants explore the latest scholarship as well as the use of primary documents and teaching aids (such as videos, images, and electronic resources). The seminars are presented by Rutgers faculty and feature the latest academic research on the seminar topics. We help educators meet state-mandated teaching standards, keep current on changing historical interpretation, and provide certificates for professional development credit.

It has been a privilege to partner with New Jersey's teachers for the past 30 years. Thank you to all past participants and welcome to new ones! You can view our current schedule here.

Professor Susan R. Schrepfer served as the founding Director of the Rutgers Institute for High School Teachers from 1988 until she passed away in 2014. The Institute's current director is Professor Anthony di Battista. Quiyana Butler joined the institute in 2017 and serves as co-director.