EthicalSub“Ethical Subjects: Moralities, Laws, Histories”

     Seth Koven (History) and Judith Surkis (History), co-directors

Unless otherwise indicated, all meetings held 11:15-1:15, 88 College Ave.
(lunch will be served)
For pre-circulated readings,
please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Jan. 19:  Andy Murphy (Political Science, Rutgers): From Practice to Theory to Practice: William Penn from Prison to the Founding of Pennsylvania

Jan. 26:  Chris Finley (Race and Gender postdoc, RCHA): “Ethnographic Refusal” and Sacajawea: Interrogating Images of Sacajawea in Popular Culture

Feb. 2:   Sabine Cadeau (RCHA post-doc): Refugees and Land Conflict in the Post-Genocide Haitian-Dominican Border

Feb. 9:   Beth Baron (History, CUNY): Paths to Freedom: Missionaries and African Girls in Egypt

Feb. 16:  Karuna Mantena (Political Science, Yale): Competing Theories of Nonviolent Politics

Feb. 23:  Elizabeth Bernstein (Sociology, Barnard/Columbia): Redemptive Capitalism and Sexual Investability

March 1: Ilana Feldman (Anthropology, George Washington University): Palestinian Refugees, Category Problems, and Political Life without Political Status

March 8:  Serena Mayeri (Law and History, UPenn): Feminism and (Non)marriage in the Age of Equality

March 15: Spring break

March 22:  Courtney Doucette (History, Rutgers):  Almost to Communism: The Congress of People's Deputies and Activation of the Soviet Person, 1989

March 29: Melissa Feinberg (History, Rutgers): The Power of the Powerless: Fear and the Shortage Economy in 1950s Eastern Europe

April 5:  Tara Zahra (History, U. of Chicago): Seminar: The “Solution to the Gypsy Question”: Gypsies, Migration, and Statelessness in Late Imperial Austria
Lecture, Co-Sponsor European Distinguished Lecture Series: The Great Departure: Mass Migration from Eastern Europe and the Making of the “Free World,” 4.30-6, to be followed by a reception (Pane Room, Alexander Library)

April 12:  Julia Bowes (History, Rutgers): Every Home Is a Sentry Box: The Battle over Child Labor and the Meaning of Liberty

April 19:  Leslie Fishbein (American Studies, Rutgers): Prostitutes and Madams as Social Critics and Ethical Subjects

April 26:  Jackson Lears (History, Rutgers): The Wild Card: Animal Spirits and the Calculating Self in Anglo-American Thought

May 2: KEYNOTE LECTURE: Carolyn Dean (History, Yale): Trauma, Witnessing, and the Politics of Humanitarian Compassion, 4:30-6, to be followed by reception (Pane Room, Alexander Library)