Mellon RCHA2016-2017 John E. Sawyer Seminar on
"Ethical Subjects: Moralities, Laws, Histories"

sponsored by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

Seth Koven (History) and Judith Surkis (History), co-directors

Unless otherwise indicated, all meetings held 11:15am-1:15pm
Rutgers Academic Building, 15 Seminary Place, Room 6051
(lunch will be served following Tuesday morning seminars)

For pre-circulated readings, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


January 17: Kimberly Stanley (Race and Gender Postdoctoral Fellow, RCHA): "Racing the Field: The Black Press, Jesse Owens, Joe Louis, and the Remaking of the New Negro"

Janurary 17 (4:30pm): J. M. DeLeon and Anna Henke (RCHA Postdoctoral Fellows): Antigone, Now! Workshop

January 24: Jochen Hellbeck (History, Rutgers): "The Antifascist Pact: Forging a First Experience of Nazi Occupation in the Wartime Soviet Union"

January 31: Colin Jager (English, Rutgers): "Vacancy; or, Walking After War,  1814/1816"

February 7: Leela Gandhi (Humanities and English, Brown University): "Moral Imperfection: An Ethics for Democracy"

February 7 (4:30pm): Public Lecture: Leela Gandhi: "Utonal Life: A Genealogy for Global Ethics"

February 14: Anna Henke (RCHA Postoctoral Fellow):"Beautiful Communities of Souls: The Exception-Become-the-Rule in Butler and Agamben"

February 21: Jennifer Wilson (RCHA Mellon Predoctoral Fellow): "'The Moral Anatomy of the Body': Body Language, the Law and Popular Politics in Early Modern England"

February 28: Emmanuelle Saada (French and History, Columbia): "Make Law, Not War.  French Exceptions from Colonial Algeria to the Current State of Emergency"

March 7: Donna Murch (History, Rutgers): "The Movement for Black Lives: A Retrospective Look"

March 20 (4:30pm): Public Lecture: Paul Friedland (History Cornell): "The Last Stand of the Universal Republic: The French Revolution in the Caribbean, 1793-1802"

March 21: Paul Friedland (History, Cornell): "Every Island is not Haiti: The French Revolution in the Windward Islands"

March 28: Durba Ghosh (History, Cornell): "From Revolutionary Terrorist to Freedom Fighter:  The Making of Khudiram as National Hero"

April 4:  Afsaneh Najmabadi (Women, Gender, and Sexuality and History, Harvard):

April 11: Jennifer Mittelstadt (History, Rutgers): "A Woman’s Wars:  Rosalind Kress Haley and a Grassroots History of late 20th-century American Empire"

April 18: Johanna Schoen (History, Rutgers): "Abortion Care as Moral Work"

April 25: Julie Stephens (History, Rutgers): Islamic Reformation, or Protestant Tajdid? Cross-Reading across Global Histories of Religious Reform

May 4 (4:30pm): Symposium: Ethical Subjects, Now! Keynote Lecture: Jacqueline Bhabha (Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University)

May 5: (8:30-5pm): Symposium: Ethical Subjects, Now!